“Chantal has given me so much to work with and so much to think about. She provides me with a vast amount of tools that I have been able to utilize daily, and inspires me to make positive changes in my life…

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I am so grateful for her empathy and understanding. She always takes the time to remind me of my progress and encourages me to see the good in myself. She never strays from being anything but honest with me, which has provided me with a reliable source that I can check in with when I feel the need to be grounded. Chantal is giving, accommodating, caring, nonjudgmental, and compassionate. She shows such strength in her ability to listen, allowing me to truly feel heard – often without even saying a word. As someone that finds it difficult to trust, I have been able to bring down some of my walls, largely in part due to Chantal’s persistence and great patience. She has shown me that in psychotherapy, as well as in life, it is so worth letting people in.

When I want to give up, she inspires me. When I don’t feel like talking, I find myself opening up in her presence. When I have too much going on, she finds a way to steer me toward a path that is less encumbered. When I start thinking, “what can possibly come of this situation – what can I learn?” she has always been there to share her knowledge and guide me in the right direction. It is for all of these reasons and more that I have no hesitation in recommending Chantal to anyone seeking a psychotherapist. I envision myself as a tree that, in the past, was drying up and losing its leaves, and I imagine Chantal as the careful gardener; providing the water and nutrients, but ultimately allowing me to take root again and grow on my own.

Above all else, I am grateful for her gentle reminder that it is how I choose to react to a situation that is the most important. It is in these daily choices that I make for the better that I find my mind and heart are flooded with appreciation for Chantal and her work as a psychotherapist.”

(N.C., Toronto)



“Chantal’s teaching embodies the best elements of yoga. Her classes can be physically challenging, which I love – but she always emphasizes the importance of safety, alignment and listening to your body’s limits, which can change from day-to-day… 

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She’s gentle yet inspires you to challenge yourself. Her thoughtful and creative sequencing brings playfulness and variety into each class. Freeing her students of predicting “what’s coming next,” her teaching helps students find presence in the moment. Both her physical practice and her well-grounded metaphysical reflections seem to naturally link mind and body.”

(Heather Gibson, yoga practitioner)

“Mind, body and soul. Chantal Wade infuses all of these into her practice. It is difficult to describe what one single class instructed by Chantal is like. This is because the first class with Chantal is the beginning of a long journey. As your journey unfolds and grows so does Chantal. She works with and adjusts her practice for each individual making it a worthwhile experience. Her passion and dedication to her students is astounding. In short, working with Chantal is an experience I will not soon forget!”

(Liam Patrick Maddock, yoga practitioner)